Becoming An Acupuncturist

What is it like Being an Acupuncturist?

In an article for its series on careers, Andrew Pentis of ValuePenguin interviewed David LeGar, a Phoenix area acupuncturist, on why he chose acupuncture as a career, the education path he took to get there, and the day-to-day reality of running an acupuncture practice. LeGar describes how he balanced a full-time job with the intense schooling regimen, and how after graduating he discovered that, though he learned everything he needed to be a great acupuncturist, a few classes on business management would have come in handy. He also shares the realities of running a one-man practice, including balancing patient care with necessary business functions such as billing and working with insurance agencies, while offering readers some advice on time management and marketing. It is a great look at what it takes to build a successful acupuncture practice.

Read full article here: What It’s Like Being an Acupuncturist

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